Funny Names

Here’s a few people I keep hearing a lot about, ordinary people like you and me whom I’ve never actually met. Perhaps you have. Where did they get these names from anyway? Perhaps you can think of others.   Peter Out Sally Forth Jack Shit Olive Oil Chook Poo Peat [sic] Soil Bill Number Pearly Gates [ Bill’s sister?] Catherine Wheel Phillips Head   [ disclosure: I never consulted Wikipedia for any of these ] Continue reading Funny Names

I Once Played Godot

  I once played Godot in a high school play. It was my big moment. My first step to stage stardom. After all, I’d be playing the main character, the one the play’s named after. -Where are my lines? I said. -You have none, I was told. I grew suspicious. I once played a tree in a Xmas play. -No Lines? -You wait in the wings. You’ll get the hang of it. It sounded dubious but I hadn’t been picked for anything all year. I said I’d give it a go.   On the night I was a little nervous. … Continue reading I Once Played Godot

It’s Not Money. It’s Not Sex. It’s Not Religion

that motivates this guy. Do you know what it is? Listen: “It gives me a feeling of sensual well-being. It’s so deep it catches my breath. It fills me so completely I tingle all over. It’s something I want to do morning, noon and night … It’s something money can’t buy.” Do you know what he’s talking about? I do now but it makes me question all my values. Continue reading It’s Not Money. It’s Not Sex. It’s Not Religion


  I thought I had stomach cancer so severe were the pains. And they went on all day. I thought if they did not go away I would have to present myself to the doctor as one who is stricken. In the middle of the night I called the After Hours number at the clinic but all the doctors were busy. You could call Emergency, the receptionist said but I wasn’t ready for that. I would have to endure.   Then the retching started. Two hours of it. I stared into the foul mixture that had erupted from my stomach, … Continue reading Peace

The Parable of the Breathing Tube

  “You won’t even know it’s there,” said the surgeon. “My brother-in-law sure did,” I replied referring to the incident in the ICU which I witnessed. AS he was coming out of his sleep, he became aware of the tube down his throat and began struggling with it so violently that he had to be held down while he was put back to sleep. “You won’t even be aware of it,” the surgeon said, “and if you are you won’t remember.” I decided to go with that. In the end you have to put your faith in something. Still, some … Continue reading The Parable of the Breathing Tube