Trains of Thought

  Trains of thought do not require a ticket Nor do they have timetables. They almost always pull in when you are busy doing something else.   When travelling on a train of thought It is good to put away Your kindles and mobiles and pay attention To the journey.   Trains of thought do not require coal Or electricity. Trains of thought run on the fuel of pure Imagination of which there are endless reserves.     Continue reading Trains of Thought

It’s Not Money. It’s Not Sex. It’s Not Religion

that motivates this guy. Do you know what it is? Listen: “It gives me a feeling of sensual well-being. It’s so deep it catches my breath. It fills me so completely I tingle all over. It’s something I want to do morning, noon and night … It’s something money can’t buy.” Do you know what he’s talking about? I do now but it makes me question all my values. Continue reading It’s Not Money. It’s Not Sex. It’s Not Religion

The Parable of the Breathing Tube

  “You won’t even know it’s there,” said the surgeon. “My brother-in-law sure did,” I replied referring to the incident in the ICU which I witnessed. AS he was coming out of his sleep, he became aware of the tube down his throat and began struggling with it so violently that he had to be held down while he was put back to sleep. “You won’t even be aware of it,” the surgeon said, “and if you are you won’t remember.” I decided to go with that. In the end you have to put your faith in something. Still, some … Continue reading The Parable of the Breathing Tube

The Box

  When people speak of a fine mild day In the middle of winter or of an unexpectedly Good news day   They say it is one ‘out of the box’. What box is it? I wonder. It can’t be Pandora’s because nothing good   Comes from there. So what box is it? What repository of munificence does it Contain — the cure for cancer, the secret   Of happiness, a store of endless wealth, A reunion with our lost loved ones? and where can it be found?   Can one break into it? Does it have a secret code? … Continue reading The Box

My Biography

  My biography is out. My grand-daughter in Brisbane was assigned with the rest of her Year 12 English class a 1000 word non-fiction piece on any topic of their own choosing. Tina chose me. We did a number of phone interviews. I directed her to a few of my websites and many of my publications. We shared some memories. The first seven years of her life were spent at our house and nearby. She took notes. She wrote and wrote and cross-checked with me. Tina handed it in before Easter. We nervously awaited the results. She just phoned me. … Continue reading My Biography

Fifty Shades of Brown

                                                       My friend calls it ‘scum’, The fifty shades of brown that patina The glass sides Of the black coffee cup; But I call it an Abstract of Accidental Art, A ‘Blue Poles’ Of blotches and bands. Most people drink from their cup; I hold mine and study it. Continue reading Fifty Shades of Brown