It’s Not Money. It’s Not Sex. It’s Not Religion

that motivates this guy. Do you know what it is? Listen: “It gives me a feeling of sensual well-being. It’s so deep it catches my breath. It fills me so completely I tingle all over. It’s something I want to do morning, noon and night … It’s something money can’t buy.” Do you know what he’s talking about? I do now but it makes me question all my values. Continue reading It’s Not Money. It’s Not Sex. It’s Not Religion


  1   Like angry black hairs the ants scatter everywhere when I discover them under the hem of the water drum     2   A year after the gulf war I stayed with a friend in the states who suffered a home invasion of ants . He sprayed , stamped , stomped on them till his house was clean . That’s what Bush should have done with Saddam he proclaimed   3   There are no ants in heaven a priest explained to us at school . Some how they got beneath the creator’s gaze like cockroaches , … Continue reading Ants