Funny Names

Here’s a few people I keep hearing a lot about, ordinary people like you and me whom I’ve never actually met. Perhaps you have. Where did they get these names from anyway? Perhaps you can think of others.   Peter Out Sally Forth Jack Shit Olive Oil Chook Poo Peat [sic] Soil Bill Number Pearly Gates [ Bill’s sister?] Catherine Wheel Phillips Head   [ disclosure: I never consulted Wikipedia for any of these ] Continue reading Funny Names

It’s Not Money. It’s Not Sex. It’s Not Religion

that motivates this guy. Do you know what it is? Listen: “It gives me a feeling of sensual well-being. It’s so deep it catches my breath. It fills me so completely I tingle all over. It’s something I want to do morning, noon and night … It’s something money can’t buy.” Do you know what he’s talking about? I do now but it makes me question all my values. Continue reading It’s Not Money. It’s Not Sex. It’s Not Religion

Laughing Maniacally

  My neighbour leapt up from his chair, holding a newspaper aloft in his left hand and pointing at a circular puzzle at the centre of the page began laughing maniacally. I poked my head over the fence. What’s up? I asked. I solved it, I solved it, he said, doing a little dance. Solved what? I asked. The Focus Word, he replied, pointing again to the puzzle. Bev and I have spent the last two days on it and I just cracked it. Whoo hoo. I asked him what a Focus Word is. It’s a word puzzle, he said. … Continue reading Laughing Maniacally