Awaiting the Verdict

  From across the room my eyeball Eyeballed me on the 10 inch screen, It’s tracery of veins A network of canals, the orange-red sphere A red planet With a bright yellow centre.   Now, said the ophthalmologist,  Pointing out the dark smudges across its surface Let’s look for signs of cataracts And macular degeneration. She eyed my eyeball closely.   I sat forward and awaited the verdict.   Continue reading Awaiting the Verdict

The Lady in the Glove Box

  When I wait for her to do a spot of shopping I wait in it. When she’s getting ready to go out, I wait in it too, the sun like a lamp., with my stash of magazines: New Yorkers, National Geographics and that lady in the glove box, Olive Kitteridge. It is my loo, my library, my study, My five-seated reading room, My Chapman’s Homer. My car really takes me places.     Continue reading The Lady in the Glove Box

Trains of Thought

  Trains of thought do not require a ticket Nor do they have timetables. They almost always pull in when you are busy doing something else.   When travelling on a train of thought It is good to put away Your kindles and mobiles and pay attention To the journey.   Trains of thought do not require coal Or electricity. Trains of thought run on the fuel of pure Imagination of which there are endless reserves.     Continue reading Trains of Thought