The Lady in the Glove Box

  When I wait for her to do a spot of shopping I wait in it. When she’s getting ready to go out, I wait in it too, the sun like a lamp., with my stash of magazines: New Yorkers, National Geographics and that lady in the glove box, Olive Kitteridge. It is my loo, my library, my study, My five-seated reading room, My Chapman’s Homer. My car really takes me places.     Continue reading The Lady in the Glove Box

Miniatures for Milly: the Lost Poems

  Almost three years ago I wrote seven miniatures for Milly, a ginger Burmese cat who had then just graduated from being a kitten. I sent these poems straight off to ‘The School Magazine’, the top literary magazine for children in Australia. I heard nothing. Then today I received an email from the editor apologizing that they had got lost along with an acceptance letter for four of the seven miniatures. It is the longest I have had to wait for an acceptance. I can’t wait to get back to Aldinga and tell Milly. Continue reading Miniatures for Milly: the Lost Poems

The After Life of Poems

  In 2002 I began getting children’s poems published in magazines here in Australia, NZ and the US. For ten years I was the flavour of the month. Then I stopped writing them. From time to time some are republished in the same magazines with fresh illustrations and I receive royalty payments. Two more were published yesterday, another last week. It is good to see my poems newly born as I am getting older. Continue reading The After Life of Poems

Bit Me on the Bum

  I had noticed the current edition of ‘The New York Review of Books’ had been interfered with — some pages were missing — so I brought this to the attention of the Chief Librarian. “Oh dear,” he said. “This isn’t the first time. Thank you.” I knew it wasn’t. The issue previous to this one had gone missing.  The next week when I went to the tub containing the recent issues of ‘The New York Review of Books’, it was empty. A note in large print informed that due to vandalism all issues of the journal could be accessed … Continue reading Bit Me on the Bum