Trains of Thought

  Trains of thought do not require a ticket Nor do they have timetables. They almost always pull in when you are busy doing something else.   When travelling on a train of thought It is good to put away Your kindles and mobiles and pay attention To the journey.   Trains of thought do not require coal Or electricity. Trains of thought run on the fuel of pure Imagination of which there are endless reserves.     Continue reading Trains of Thought

Funny Names

Here’s a few people I keep hearing a lot about, ordinary people like you and me whom I’ve never actually met. Perhaps you have. Where did they get these names from anyway? Perhaps you can think of others.   Peter Out Sally Forth Jack Shit Olive Oil Chook Poo Peat [sic] Soil Bill Number Pearly Gates [ Bill’s sister?] Catherine Wheel Phillips Head   [ disclosure: I never consulted Wikipedia for any of these ] Continue reading Funny Names

I Once Played Godot

  I once played Godot in a high school play. It was my big moment. My first step to stage stardom. After all, I’d be playing the main character, the one the play’s named after. -Where are my lines? I said. -You have none, I was told. I grew suspicious. I once played a tree in a Xmas play. -No Lines? -You wait in the wings. You’ll get the hang of it. It sounded dubious but I hadn’t been picked for anything all year. I said I’d give it a go.   On the night I was a little nervous. … Continue reading I Once Played Godot

Fifty Shades of Brown

                                                       My friend calls it ‘scum’, The fifty shades of brown that patina The glass sides Of the black coffee cup; But I call it an Abstract of Accidental Art, A ‘Blue Poles’ Of blotches and bands. Most people drink from their cup; I hold mine and study it. Continue reading Fifty Shades of Brown