Why Dishonesty is sometimes a Good Policy

  I ordered an egg and bacon muffin from the Muffin Break. With coffee it came to $8.50. I handed over $20 and was given $14 change. My initial reaction was to take the money and run but my conscience kicked in and I pointed out the discrepancy. The young assistant had to think about it for a minute while the manager tut-tutted and glared at her. She made a dog’s breakfast over giving me the correct change. I hope my honesty didn’t do someone out of a job. Continue reading Why Dishonesty is sometimes a Good Policy

I Once Played Godot

  I once played Godot in a high school play. It was my big moment. My first step to stage stardom. After all, I’d be playing the main character, the one the play’s named after. -Where are my lines? I said. -You have none, I was told. I grew suspicious. I once played a tree in a Xmas play. -No Lines? -You wait in the wings. You’ll get the hang of it. It sounded dubious but I hadn’t been picked for anything all year. I said I’d give it a go.   On the night I was a little nervous. … Continue reading I Once Played Godot


  I thought I had stomach cancer so severe were the pains. And they went on all day. I thought if they did not go away I would have to present myself to the doctor as one who is stricken. In the middle of the night I called the After Hours number at the clinic but all the doctors were busy. You could call Emergency, the receptionist said but I wasn’t ready for that. I would have to endure.   Then the retching started. Two hours of it. I stared into the foul mixture that had erupted from my stomach, … Continue reading Peace

Miniatures for Milly: the Lost Poems

  Almost three years ago I wrote seven miniatures for Milly, a ginger Burmese cat who had then just graduated from being a kitten. I sent these poems straight off to ‘The School Magazine’, the top literary magazine for children in Australia. I heard nothing. Then today I received an email from the editor apologizing that they had got lost along with an acceptance letter for four of the seven miniatures. It is the longest I have had to wait for an acceptance. I can’t wait to get back to Aldinga and tell Milly. Continue reading Miniatures for Milly: the Lost Poems

After All This Time

Isn’t it funny: you spend half your life trying to find someone and then improbably you bump against them in a beach-side pub only a few stops down from you and after you shake hands, embrace, sink a few beers, catch up on the past you find you have nothing really in common; you make  arrangements for a meal in a few weeks time which neither of you will attend. Continue reading After All This Time