Three Amigos



We sat beneath the green gazebo:

Me, myself and my ego.

We spoke of very many things,

How joy and sorrow both have wings,

Of friends who left and those who stayed,

And that is how we spent the day.


5 thoughts on “Three Amigos

  1. me, myself and my ego – I have noticed that my MS WORD does not accept the word ‘myself’. Yet it is a favourite term and common mode of expression especially among the Irish.
    Talking to oneself is very common. But with THREE entering into the conversation?
    Is ‘meself’ – as it is pronounced in Ireland – different from ‘myself’?


  2. good question. I don’t know. It may seem nonsense poem but I was in one of my more morose moods thinking of mortality, the breaking up of friendships, the passing of time, those sort of things.


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