I Am Appearing in a Book


Having failed to write a novel in which the main character is a thinly disguised version of me, I am pleased to report I will be appearing in a book as myself, fully fledged and undisguised. It is an honour any writer would wish.

`The book is being written by a librarian who works in the library I frequent. Based on Chris Paling’s ‘Reading Allowed: True Stories and Curious Incidents from a Provincial Library’.[2017]. the non-fiction work will profile some of the charming odd bods and other characters Steph has encountered in her twenty years on the job. At this stage, she tells me, a chapter is devoted to me and an overview of the sort of books I have recommended the library purchase, along with the one rogue volume we did battle over. I lost.

The manuscript is well advanced. I am angling for an early read. A bit of input I am sure would be of assistance.


2 thoughts on “I Am Appearing in a Book

  1. I would suggest you take a peek at Sartre’s account of sitting in a library in his novel (or maybe biography) NAUSEA – when he first experiences nausea – apparently a very high echelon artistic experience available only to true souls.


  2. thanks Barry; will check on line for starters. I have always liked Sartre. I will never forget reading L’Etranger [imperfectly] in French


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