Awaiting the Verdict


From across the room

my eyeball

Eyeballed me on the 10 inch screen,

It’s tracery of veins

A network of canals, the orange-red sphere

A red planet

With a bright yellow centre.


Now, said the ophthalmologist,

 Pointing out the dark smudges across its surface

Let’s look for signs of cataracts

And macular degeneration.

She eyed my eyeball closely.


I sat forward and awaited the verdict.



3 thoughts on “Awaiting the Verdict

  1. Was this marvelous sounding object inside you or outside you? My innate intelligence tells me that this was an object outside you, as you cannot see your own eye with your own eye. Have you ever even seen yourself, John?


  2. was at the opticians, Barry, and she took a photograph of each of my eyes which she then displayed on a monitor. Looking at my own eyeball, suspended in space, was like looking at the red planet


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