Why Dishonesty is sometimes a Good Policy


I ordered an egg and bacon muffin from the Muffin Break. With coffee it came to $8.50. I handed over $20 and was given $14 change. My initial reaction was to take the money and run but my conscience kicked in and I pointed out the discrepancy. The young assistant had to think about it for a minute while the manager tut-tutted and glared at her. She made a dog’s breakfast over giving me the correct change.

I hope my honesty didn’t do someone out of a job.


7 thoughts on “Why Dishonesty is sometimes a Good Policy

  1. if only we had the clarity to determine when it is wise to be honest and when it is not 🙂 I’m sure everybody has a similar story


  2. I have a sliding-scale of morality. If it was a Macca’s or Hungry Jack’s I’d keep my mouth shut. If was my local small business or a struggling pop-up I’d point it out.
    But don’t beat yourself up about the employee John. You did it with the best intentions…

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  3. Thanks Rob. I like that: a ‘sliding scale of morality’. I would like to see it demonstrated in a poem or short story. Ethics are a tricky business. But you’re right about Fast Food franchises. Probably wouldn’t give it a second thought but I frequent the Muffin Break two to three times a week. I know most of the people who work there. You feel bonded 🙂


  4. Was looking for your blog, Rob — I always reciprocate when people visit or comment on my blog — but you don’t appear to have one 😦


  5. I made enquiry about the morality of paying undocumented bills (tax issue) and also about royalties for using internet facilities. There was no clear answer – and to do what ‘may’ be the moral thing proved impossible.


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