And There It Was !!


Like an archaeologist I sifted through the layers

in the back seat of the car

the cargo pants, cords and jackets

the beanies and scarves

from last winter

and there it was

at the very bottom where the sunlight

never reaches —-

the expensive blue woollen jumper

I hadn’t seen

for years.



4 thoughts on “And There It Was !!

  1. Did you ever think of it – when we used to travel by donkey back (or if we were lucky, mule or horse) we never carried any junk. All our possessions were in a bag tied to us or the poor beast of burden. Certainly we were more vulnerable to robbers. And we should not look back with nostalgia on those days, as, apparently, the gasses that all those helpful animals were producing (especially methane)were damaging permanently the planet, as much as a car anyday. What to do? They still use them in many countries.


  2. it’s a tough call, Barry but you’re right: the sort of thing I’m describing here would not happen in the mode of transport were a donkey; no car, no poem 🙂


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