I Once Played Godot


I once played Godot in a high school play.

It was my big moment. My first step to stage stardom.

After all, I’d be playing the main character, the one the play’s named after.

-Where are my lines? I said.

-You have none, I was told.

I grew suspicious.

I once played a tree in a Xmas play.

-No Lines?

-You wait in the wings. You’ll get the hang of it.

It sounded dubious but I hadn’t been picked for anything all year. I said I’d give it a go.


On the night I was a little nervous. I peeped at the audience, the anticipation on their faces. I hoped I performed well.

The curtains went up.

I kept waiting for my cue to come in.

The play kept going and going.

By intermission I still hadn’t been called.

-When do I go on?

-You don’t. You’re the guy they’re waiting for.

-Then why don’t I go on?

-If you did, there wouldn’t be a play.

It seemed a pretty flimsy premise to hang a play on, but who was I to argue?

My big moment would have to wait.


3 thoughts on “I Once Played Godot

  1. As I am familiar with Mr Beckett’s city and its madness and pretense, I think that you certainly had the starring part. Perhaps having an on-stage silent role would have been marginally better.
    Were your teachers being sarcastic?


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