It’s Not Money. It’s Not Sex. It’s Not Religion

that motivates this guy. Do you know what it is? Listen: “It gives me a feeling of sensual well-being. It’s so deep it catches my breath. It fills me so completely I tingle all over. It’s something I want to do morning, noon and night … It’s something money can’t buy.” Do you know what he’s talking about? I do now but it makes me question all my values.


8 thoughts on “It’s Not Money. It’s Not Sex. It’s Not Religion

  1. No Carolyn, not swimming. You will not expect the answer. It will knock you sideways. I will allow you one guess and I will put up the answer this evening. You will not have to wait long. What do you think it might be ?


  2. It doesn’t sound he is in his right mind.
    I had a weird experience today. I was walking down a street in Aberystwyth, Wales. I looked in the window of a shop that appeared to be dealing in clothing, unusual footwear and antiques. Couldn’t make it out. There was in the window, amongst a jumble of strange stuff, an antique “travel box” from the Victorian age (in style) with the words “Captain Fawcett’s travel box” inscribed. It is the same COLONEL FAWCETT! His picture was on the box. It had such items as shaving gear, bottles of the necessities, things for the hair – all that stuff you need when you go into the jungle.


  3. Very well told, Barry. I enjoyed that quaint and somewhat eerie story. By the way, the quote was from a matador who had killed 2000 bulls. There is something in the heart of men that is, it seems, innately violent.


  4. of course I knew who the speaker was from the article in my hand but I find it deeply disturbing that a man could find such pleasure in such dark deeds


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