I thought I had stomach cancer so severe were the pains. And they went on all day. I thought if they did not go away I would have to present myself to the doctor as one who is stricken. In the middle of the night I called the After Hours number at the clinic but all the doctors were busy. You could call Emergency, the receptionist said but I wasn’t ready for that. I would have to endure.


Then the retching started. Two hours of it. I stared into the foul mixture that had erupted from my stomach, the purple of blueberries and Atlantic salmon mixed with the Cabernet I had washed it down with. Then at midnight. Peace. And better than peace, my stomach pains were gone. My carcinogenic fears went with them. I slept the sleep of those who have been granted remission from some dreadful fate.



3 thoughts on “Peace

  1. And a lesson was learned, one hopes. Don’t overeat/drink … But if it had been something serious John, you could well have died. Go to the emergency department first, next time, perhaps.


  2. Indeed, Carolyn: a lesson painfully learned. I sort of knew from previous episodes some years back now that the outcome is good without any intervention but, of course, how does one really know?


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