The Search



When I was in my teens

I came across a book dad had been reading

About a lost explorer


‘Exploration Fawcett’.

I was half way through when I put it down

And went to do

Something else.

When I went to go back to it

It wasn’t there.

Dad couldn’t find it either.

Ever since I’ve been searching

For that lost book

About a lost explorer.


4 thoughts on “The Search

  1. Percy Fawcett was born on 18 August 1867 in Torquay, Devon, England, to Edward Boyd Fawcett and Myra Elizabeth (née MacDougall). He received his education at Newton Abbot Proprietary College along with Bertram Fletcher Robinson. Percy Fawcett’s India-born father was a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society (RGS). His elder brother Edward Douglas Fawcett (1866–1960) was a mountain climber, Eastern occultist and author of philosophical books and popular adventure novels.[3]
    Fawcett attended the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich as a cadet, being commissioned as a lieutenant of the Royal Artillery on 24 July 1886. On 13 January 1896 he was appointed adjutant of the 1st Cornwall (Duke of Cornwall’s) Artillery Volunteers,] and was promoted to captain on 15 June 1897. He later served in Trincomalee, Ceylon, where he also met his future wife Nina Agnes Paterson, whom he married in January 1901 after having previously ended their engagement. They had two sons, Jack (born 1903) and Brian (1906–1984) and one daughter, Joan (1910-2005). He joined the RGS himself in 1901 in order to study surveying and mapmaking. Later, he worked for the British Secret Service in North Africa while pursuing the surveyor’s craft. He served for the war office on Spike Island, County Cork from 1903 to 1906, where he was promoted to major on 11 January 1905. He became friends with authors H. Rider Haggard and Arthur Conan Doyle; the latter used Fawcett’s Amazonian field reports as an inspiration for his novel, The Lost World.


  2. thanks for those biographical snippets. Perhaps we will never know what happened to him and his party 😦 have you any theories, Barry?


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