Jackdaw of Rheims


The sun shone down on

the jackdaw of Rheims

as he sat on the parapet

burnishing his dreams.

Then all in a flutter

he let out a scream.


All his ambitions,

All of his schemes,

Gone in an instant

that jackdaw of Rheims.





2 thoughts on “Jackdaw of Rheims

  1. Was he shot? A friend of mine drove all the way across Ireland to get the car ferry to Gt Britain. He landed at Fishguard in Wales and drove over here to where we live. As he got out of the car, I noticed there was a dead crow trapped in the front radiator area of the car.
    Look at what’s stuck on your car,” I said. “Oh,” he replied, “I remember crashing into a number of crows on the road in County Cork. I wasn’t sure if I had killed one.”
    “As a teacher of English lit, Mike, I am sure you are familiar with what happened the Ancient Mariner.”
    His jaw dropped.


  2. One can leave it to the imagination but I feel another bird, a larger one, struck him down in his pride. I love your anecdote. Creepy and well told


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