Real Writers


I read this extract in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’. I thought I’d like to share it and see what you think of Holly Golightly’s prescription of a ‘real writer’:


‘Tell me, are you a real writer?’

‘It depends what you mean by real.’

‘Well, darling, does anyone buy what you write?’


2 thoughts on “Real Writers

  1. Hmm, an interesting question, isn’t it? How many book sales are enough sales to count? And if you happen to self-publish your work, does that count? I say yes, for sure, a sale is a sale, but getting an actual publisher interested in your work is a good thing, isn’t it?

    And who is to judge this anyway, the writer, their family, their friends, their peers, the world in general? Testing question, this one …


  2. Agreed Carolyn, it is a toughie. Made even tougher in my case when, aprt from my educational titles, my self-published books have outsold the published books. So what counts more ???


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