My Biography


My biography is out. My grand-daughter in Brisbane was assigned with the rest of her Year 12 English class a 1000 word non-fiction piece on any topic of their own choosing. Tina chose me. We did a number of phone interviews. I directed her to a few of my websites and many of my publications. We shared some memories. The first seven years of her life were spent at our house and nearby. She took notes. She wrote and wrote and cross-checked with me. Tina handed it in before Easter. We nervously awaited the results. She just phoned me. She got an A+. I can’t wait to read it.


4 thoughts on “My Biography

  1. This sounds lovely John, what a fortunate person she is, to have a well published author at close hand, and what a fortunate person you have to have a biographer with such good skills at writing biography …


  2. I’ll see if I can manage that, Barry πŸ™‚ it makes me a more interesting, successful character than I actually am πŸ™‚


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