Blue sky.

Blue sea.

Blue dog

At my knee.

Black dog

Gone away.

Just a bit

Blue today.


3 thoughts on “Blue

  1. Do I get it? The ‘black dog’ of depression has gone away but one is still feeling blue – i.e. a little bit down.
    The problem is – a blue sky is a very happy sky where I live, for it is so rare and the sun shines. Yet, I think I know what the artists meant by ‘blue’ – it is the happy blue turning to water (tears).

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  2. |Another thought just came to me whn I began to post the previous comment. The screen said POST COMMENT. It is very trendy these days to say POST MODERN, POST MODERN MODERN, POST CHRISTIAN, POST INDUSTRIAL and so on – so now we are in the POST COMMENT age.

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