The Red Stobie Pole


Reading the graffiti on the red stobie pole

I thought of all the common names that have made it

Into sayings. ‘Jack Me Off’, it ordered, possibly

A relation to ‘Jack Shit’. But there are others.

‘Happy as Larry’, though we never learn who Larry is

Or what he’s so happy about. Exasperatedly we say

For ‘Pete’s Sake’ without knowing who Pete is or why

Water in a creek bed is said to ‘peter out’. People say

To me, ‘Bob’s Your Uncle’ when they clearly do not know

Who my uncle is. And who was that uber Tom after whom

all sneaky voyeurs are named?


2 thoughts on “The Red Stobie Pole

  1. A large number of names in Celtic nomenclature are derogatory, as I may have mentioned before. Don’t look up Malone. In Africa, I believe, though I may be wrong, names can be long sentences describing some feature or event in the life of a person, a day of the week and so on. Our names tend to be from the Bible. In other cultures, are there generic differences between male and female names? Are there root differences in the original meanings of, say, Eve and Adam (I have read that they have actually the same meaning in the original), Mary (MAR – something to do with the sea, an old Jewish name, and so on.

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  2. thanks Barry for those thoughts. Some sayings are complementary, of course. I pointed one out in the above poem: ‘happy as Larry’ 🙂 He must have been an inordinately cheery fellow to deserve that appellation 🙂

    btw Happy Easter


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