The Lean


I have a lean. I lean to the left. My friend leans to the right. I don’t mean a political lean. I mean an anatomical one. [it’s a little more pronounced after a few drinks]. Everyone has a peculiar walk, It may not be a lean, It may be more a lurch or a lunge. Our walk is distinctive to us as our thumb print. One day it may feature in a detective novel or in a real life murder case. I also have another peculiarity. I stir my coffee backwards. How do you stir your coffee?


9 thoughts on “The Lean

  1. Nor can I but I do it all the time. My friend said to me, “Do you know, you stir your coffee backwards?” And I said, “is there any other way?” 🙂


  2. So what is backwards stirring of coffee then John? After reading what you wrote, I’m thinking about how I stir coffee, and I’m pretty sure I stir it clockwise. Is stirring anti-clockwise backwards? And who is to say which way is the correct way, anyway …


  3. And thinking about walking, it seems my way of walking was a hint to a member of my extended family that I had MS. She was unsurprised when she heard of my diagnosis. I think my gait is less distinctive now that the MS is behaving itself better though, and I’m certainly not tripping up as often …


  4. There are English walks, Australian walks, Scottish walks and so on. The expert eye can spot it. I don’t know if the cops have copped onto this.

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  5. love the pun 🙂 don’t know if distinctive ‘national’ walks have appeared in any stories; of course, there’s John Cleese’s funny walk 🙂


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