Miniatures for Milly: the Lost Poems


Almost three years ago I wrote seven miniatures for Milly, a ginger Burmese cat who had then just graduated from being a kitten. I sent these poems straight off to ‘The School Magazine’, the top literary magazine for children in Australia. I heard nothing. Then today I received an email from the editor apologizing that they had got lost along with an acceptance letter for four of the seven miniatures. It is the longest I have had to wait for an acceptance. I can’t wait to get back to Aldinga and tell Milly.


4 thoughts on “Miniatures for Milly: the Lost Poems

  1. Yes. You must Carolyn. They are always looking for new work. You’ve been published before there. It will happen again 🙂


  2. Ha ha 🙂 that’s the cat poem to end all cat poems 🙂 my dear friend has just handed me a copy of T S Elliot’s cat poems; boy, are they good. my favourite is ‘Old Deuteronomy’. I would love to write like that 🙂


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