That Word


– It’s an ugly word, she says.

– No, it’s not, I say.

– It isn’t really a real word, she says.

– Of course, it is, I reply.

– Well, I never heard it in England when I grew up. Shakespeare never used it.

– It’s a modern word. There are a lot of words that we use now that Shakespeare never used.

– Jilly Cooper never uses it.

– Well, she’s English. It must be an Aussie word

– Well, I think it’s a stupid word. I never heard it till you began using it.

And that’s how it began: a stoush over the word ‘stoush’.


2 thoughts on “That Word

  1. A good word (Antipodean) for a fight.
    How many terms do you have down there for drunkenness?
    One I heard a lot in Ireland growing up was “langered.”
    What is “half seas over”?


  2. probably a lot, Barry. One you don’t hear any more is ‘shikkered’ 🙂 Never heard of the last two you quoted. I love words that are peculiar to a species of Englsih: for instance we say ‘dived’, Americans ‘dove’


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