Further Thoughts on the Apocalypse



Not one. All summer. Their absence is alarming as their past invasions. They have even retired from our screens. There used to be films in which ants were as numerous and invasive as refugees from Syria, Think ‘The Naked Jungle’, ‘Them’. Now they don’t even get a look-in in David Attenborough documentaries. Have they merely taken a sabbatical from our kitchens, or have they retired permanently to their underground bunkers, these doomsday preppers of the insect world?


4 thoughts on “Further Thoughts on the Apocalypse

  1. Mine have all passed on now; my mother’s two sisters essentially, and one other in-law. I guess they have been dropped by Hollywood too in the face of the arrival of independent YOUFF and an emphasis on individualism and self-identity – or autocratic atomization; single occupant households and a healthy obsession with other non-homely entities from Outer Space who don’t waste the planet. It all makes sense.


  2. a suitably cryptic comment, Barry. I know you are no lover of ants so I should pass onto other topics now, perhaps the stoush I’m having with the State Reference Library and a more mundane one with Ted over Rose, the drink 🙂


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