After All This Time

Isn’t it funny: you spend half your life trying to find someone and then improbably you bump against them in a beach-side pub only a few stops down from you and after you shake hands, embrace, sink a few beers, catch up on the past you find you have nothing really in common; you make  arrangements for a meal in a few weeks time which neither of you will attend.


2 thoughts on “After All This Time

  1. Graham Greene’s life and writing (as well as his teenage breakdown) were strongly influenced by mental bullying at the school where his father was Headmaster.
    His novels reflected this treachery, persecution, revenge and so on – and he often wondered how he would exact revenge if he ever met this Mr Carter again. In middle age, he was at the check in area at Kuala Lumpur airport, already famous as a writer. There at the check-out was the former bully, Mr Carter. They recognized each other. Mr Carter spoke to him as if nothing bad had ever happened. Greene for a moment reflected on revenge – right there in that very public place which would have been highly satisfying (guess there were witnesses around who would report Carter’s humiliation).
    Greene said: “I looked under the stone for the scorpion of bitterness and there was nothing there.” They parted amicably.


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