Like angry black hairs

the ants scatter everywhere

when I discover them

under the hem

of the water drum





A year after the gulf war

I stayed with a friend in the states

who suffered a home invasion

of ants .

He sprayed , stamped , stomped

on them

till his house was clean .

That’s what Bush should have done

with Saddam he proclaimed




There are no ants in heaven

a priest explained to us at school .

Some how they got beneath the creator’s gaze

like cockroaches , rats and spiders .

They have no souls .

Kill with impunity



Smidgins of black , dashes.

a black din of limbs

an amokery of midnight slivers

through a crack in our world

they got in











2 thoughts on “Ants

  1. I take it from this that you don’t like ants? That is good, for I am suspicious of anyone who admires them. They are usually regimental types who would like to control the world and organize it after their own fashion.
    It’s like those Orson Wells movies with hordes of people all going in one direction.
    There may, actually, be an ant heaven, but only with other ants and some bees. This is because they have never needed humans or associated with them. However, domesticated pets, such as lapdogs, hair lice, bed bugs, skin bugs, tape worms etc., may remain as companions of people as they obviously like people so much.


  2. I like the comparison you make with Orson Wells films. I appreciate your comments, Barry. They are generous and thought provoking and not without their wise humour as in your closing comment.

    Look forward to what you have to say on the post I just put up, whether you have had an experience similar to mine


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