There’s always

A way in

A way around

An impasse

A chink in the armour

An Achilles heel

To any problem

A David to every Goliath


2 thoughts on “Always

  1. Now let’s apply this to the current hysteria surrounding Donald Trump, President of the good old USA. Have just listened to the Japanese Prime Minister speaking: He praised the Donald and was very optimistic and friendly. Also, apart from an initial row over Taiwan and South China Sea, the Chinese seem to know what he all about and not losing their cool. Why is it Asia that knows a way in, how to get around an impasse, the chink in the armour, the David v Goliath syndrome? Even during the election campaign when Mr Trump was being very rude, the Chinese laughed it off as politicking.
    So why can’t everyone else look for these ‘openings’ instead of being very silly, childish and … undemocratic?


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