My Conjoined Twin

[ composed in a fit of rage, Jan 2012]

I chucked him in the bin,

My conjoined twin.

We went everywhere together

in all sorts of weather

He didn’t care if the sun shone

or was in.

But my patience wore thin,

He couldn’t keep

His insides in,

The books spilled from his sides.

We went for one last ride

Then I did him in.

My conjoined twin.

Was I upset? No, glad.

I bought a brand new bag.


2 thoughts on “My Conjoined Twin

  1. Very sad. That bag became a part of you. He was made for you. He served you. You threw him away as soon as he became old and a bit decrepit, like all of us. Have you any feelings?


  2. very good, Barry:) I did feel a bit like that and yes I have feelings. It was time to say goodbye to an old friend and hello to a new. I love my new bag now even more than my old bag and it too accompanies me everywhere 🙂


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