Just when I thought I was scraping the bottom of the barrel for things to write about, a truck pulled up outside my place while I was at gym and dumped something on the front yard. My neighbour saw it but assumed it was a pre-arranged delivery. What it was was a huge white woolly blanket wrapped up roughly and dumped near the rubbish bins. I dreaded unwrapping it but I had to see what was inside. My neighbour helped me. I thought it might be someone’s dead pet. It was the next worst thing: Dog poo fortunately dried and hardened.

But why my place? Perhaps they knew the barrel was bare and offered me new material 🙂


4 thoughts on “Delivery

  1. Saddly I know exactly this one, I’ve lived it – having had to decide just how much excrement is too much to bother cleaning … I have four dogs, some of them getting older, quite a bit older. Shit happens …


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