The World Can be Divided


The world can be divided between two types of people: those who bring their pegs in with the washing and those who do not. Which one are you?





5 thoughts on “The World Can be Divided

  1. I leave the pegs there. I suffer from the syndrome of never finishing a job. The cause of this illness – symptoms include stopping a paint job just before the last brush stroke – has never been discovered.

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  2. and yet you finished a few novels, Barry; but still fascinating material for a surrealist tale about a painter, a portrait painter perhaps, who could never finish his paintings, he got to within a few brushstrokes and that was it 🙂

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    1. I have Barry but still can’t begin. I’ll repost what I took down last night. I should have had the courage of my convictions. It’s about this very thing. Here it goes !


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