Poem without Words


I am writing a poem without words.

No, not the one in the book.

A new one.

You can’t have enough poems without words.

Each one is different.

This one has a long pause at the centre.

Then a series of shorter ones

Delivered breathlessly

Leading to the punch line,

The tension will be unbearable.

I’m thinking of performing it at a Slam.

At least I won’t have to learn the words.





2 thoughts on “Poem without Words

  1. I was at a recital of such a poem once. It was 1973 in Kingston Jamaica, Joe Frazier V George Foreman. Not a word was spoken. There were two punch lines in the second verse and that was it – the end.


  2. You saw that fight! Amazing. Probably one of the most memorable moments of your life. Very witty response. Almost a poem in itself. Good to hear from you,


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