My father kept a copy by the side of his bed.

Occasionally I would sneak a look, pulled

by the lurid sketch on the cover: a scantily-clad

blonde fighting off a man with a pistol.

I imagined how it would end. Once when no one

was home, I flipped through its well-thumbed

pages when I found the passage where the bullet

enters her soft white belly. I immediately grew

as stiff as that pistol.

                             After dad died I kept a copy

in a draw by my bed which I drew upon from

time to time.


2 thoughts on “1948

  1. Yes John. I know what you mean.
    Of interest, what age would you have been at the time?
    I can remember reading Tarzan and Jane at a young age in some extremely old falling to pieces book in the 50s and finding it a little disturbing, even at that young age. I don’t think I was taking in the themes it was meant to illustrate.


  2. I was barely born then Barry but the book I was referring to which I found so ‘disturbing’ was published in 1948 and made a BIG impact


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