The sky didn’t fall

The ground didn’t open

But the winds blew

The thunder crashed

The rain tumbled

But it wasn’t Armageddon

Nor was it the worst storm in fifty years

As predicted.

The power crashed.

We had no lights, no heat.

You couldn’t cook unless you had gas.

But it wasn’t the stone age.

It wasn’t Aleppo.


3 thoughts on “Aleppo

  1. I’d say the worst thing in any such situation is when the water is cut off.
    Imagine being without water for weeks or longer!
    You can get by without anything lese – but water. Especially for the toilet.


  2. agreed; the water wasn’t cut off ; it was, however, the wettest September on record; tuesday there were a number of mini tornadoes, one only 5 ks from where we were so it was pretty scary


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