Sleep Standing Up



I take my hat off to animals who sleep standing up.

Horses for instance. I’ve tried it a few times, taking

The bit between my teeth when I couldn’t sleep

Lying down, the phlegm build-up causing my body

To have a coughing fit; fit for your coffin, my friend

Said. I whinnied with delight. I’ll pay that, I said.

Once I become a little more stable, I’ll go back

To how it was.


4 thoughts on “Sleep Standing Up

  1. Of course they say that horses sleep standing up so as to be able to run away fast. May be partially true. Who are you preparing to run away from?


  2. When I see you Barry and I hope to soon. I will tell you all about it . But tell me you run a farm. Sre horses the only animals to do this?


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