One Note Busker



He played only one note

On his harmonica.

He did it well.

Had it down pat.

It was a limited repertoire, I know,

But he played on

A blue cap of hope placed before

His crossed legs.

In it no notes

For the one note busker

No gold coins either

Only silver,

Occasionally he’d blow a second note

[by mistake?]

And surprise us all

But this only seemed to confuse him.

Anyone could play two or three notes

And hold an audience

But one? That was the test.

He went back to doing what

He did best.


2 thoughts on “One Note Busker

  1. very clever Barry. And thought provoking. Do we always write the same sort of poems or have the same very limited responses to People?You could write a poem, no, even a thesis on this one 🙂


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