Mystery on a Bridge



There was someone on the bridge

Curving high over the dark water

About half way along

Then there wasn’t.

Someone with a mop of ginger hair

an orange top and grey track pants

Standing against the railing

Looking wistfully out.

I looked away when a siren sounded

On the headland then looked back.

No splash.

No disturbance of any kind.

No bright lithe form spearing

Through the water.

No one emerging from either end.


Just someone standing on a bridge

Then there wasn’t.



2 thoughts on “Mystery on a Bridge

  1. Is this real, and if so, did you ever find out more about this John? I heard a helicopter when I was outside today, and I watched it go by overhead, below the clouds. I’m not sure whether it was the Air Force practicing, or perhaps the rescue helicopter. We are in the defence force flying area, so Air Force aircraft isn’t unusual in the sky above. The rescue helicopter, sadly, isn’t unusual either.


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